Japan’s Moves for Overseas Expansion Censured by Researcher

Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Wednesday carries a commentary titled “We should guard against Japan’s moves for overseas expansion” written by Ra Myong Song, researcher of the Institute for Japan Studies.

The commentary refers to the recent conclusion of an agreement on the use of a military base between Japan and Djibouti.
It says:
In a word, the agreement calls for Djibouti to additionally lease lot for the Japan “Self-Defense Forces” under the pretext of their participation in the “anti-piracy campaign” in Aden Gulf.
The SDF’s military base has already located there. It is said that Japan built the base for the first time after the Second World War in order to contain the increasing influence of China in Africa.
Japan put up the signboard of the “anti-piracy campaign” in a cynical ploy to justify its overseas troop dispatch and the establishment of military bases.
Japan’s open establishment of military bases in other countries is a dangerous attempt to lay a stepping stone for overseas aggression.
As well known, Japan is a criminal state and the defeated nation. Being disarmed after its defeat, Japan is barred from exercising the right of collective self-defense by law. However, Japan has expanded the military operational sphere of the SDF to Asia and the rest of the world and provided legal foundations for conducting a military action for aggression in any region under the pretence of “supporting” its allies such as the U.S. forces.
Today the present ruling quarters of Japan are working hard to press ahead with the retrogressive revision of the constitution which would newly specify the existence of the SDF in order to legalize their overseas aggression. By doing so, they are mulling turning Japan into a war state invading the Asia-Pacific region just like what it did in the past.

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