Music and Dance Performance Given in Sariwon City

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) — The State Merited Chorus, the Moranbong Band and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe gave a joint music and dance performance in Sariwon City, North Hwanghae Province from Nov. 30 to Dec. 6.

Such songs as “Song Dedicated to Mother Party”, “Oh Party, It’s Thanks to Your Care” and “We Sing of the Party” were put on the stage.
The repertoire also included male trio and chorus “Snow Falls on Iron Producing Township”, mixed chorus and male chorus “Lark in Miru Plain” and dance “Dash ahead for the Future”.
The atmosphere of the performance revved up when male trio and male chorus “Along the Road of Socialism” and female chorus and male chorus “Let’s Keep the Revolutionary Faith to the Death”.
At the turn of each number, audience mounted the stage to present bouquets to the performers while giving loud applauses to them.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nemethv/22813670353/

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