KCNA Commentary Slams Japan’s Intention for Military Cooperation Abroad

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — Japan plans to strengthen cooperation for mutual defence through the formation of “semi-ally” relationship with Britain.

Recently Japan and Britain held “2+2” meetings of foreign ministers and defense ministers where they discussed the issue of “agreement on status of dispatched units”. They also identified the issue of stepping up the research into a medium-range missile to be mounted on fighters which the two countries has carried out as a common project for three years and thus produce a trial missile which will be miniaturized with a long-range strike capability.
This is an indication of the sordid intention of the Japanese reactionaries to inveigle other countries into military cooperation for accelerating the realization of their ambition for reinvasion and the revival of militarism.
Japan’s zealous moves for overseas military cooperation are a dangerous development that can not be overlooked.
The recent conclusion of an agreement on the use of a military base between Japan and Djibouti is part of the moves. The agreement specifies that Japan “Self-Defense Forces” would additionally rent and use new lot in Djibouti under the pretext of taking part in “anti-pirate action” in the Gulf of Aden. The aim sought by Japan here is to expand the overseas dispatch of SDF under the signboard of UN.
The general goal of Japan’s policy has now been oriented to realizing the ambition of the militarist overseas aggression.
All the policy issues spearheaded by the Japanese government such as revision of the “Pacifist Constitution”, denial of the past crimes and the moves for territorial claim are aimed to depart from the post-war system which binds Japan and to make the country reemerge a militarist overseas aggression state.
The Abe government has created a legal springboard for conducting military operations for aggression in any region of the world under the pretext of “aid” to its allies including the U.S. forces after expanding the theatre of SDF’s military operation into vast regions of Asia and the rest of the world.
The Abe group’s design to make Japan a “country capable of fighting a war” after getting on the war chariot driven by the U.S. and to realize the dream of reinvasion of Korea and the old dream of the “Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” has entered the phase of full-scale implementation beyond the red line.
Now the Japanese reactionaries try to give impression that they are doing their best together with the U.S. to defend the country from the “threat form north Korea”.
Japan is actively supporting the U.S. moves for world domination and is crazy about military cooperation. This is just to bring back the imperial era and realize the ambition for reinvasion of Korea, not to cope with “threat” from someone.
The international community is closely following the crafty military actions of Japan which seeks to meet its interests while acting as a shock brigade in realizing the U.S. strategy for world domination.
Japan should face up to the situation and should not run amuck. If it opts for invasion, in cooperation with overseas aggression forces including the U.S., it will only face self-destruction.

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