Kim Jong Il and His Birthday

Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) — Leader Kim Jong Il dedicated all his life to the prosperity of the country and people’s wellbeing.

In the early morning of February 16, Juche 63 (1974), his birthday, he went to a mountainous village of South Phyongan Province to inform President Kim Il Sung of the preparations for the national meeting of industrial workers, labor achievements made by the working class at all industrial establishments of the country and some other issues. And he personally took a souvenir picture of officials alongside with the President.
Then, he left for Pyongyang to meet members of the preparatory committee for convening the national meeting of industrial workers to acquaint himself in detail with its preparations and gave them new instructions. And he discussed with officials concerned the matter of further improving the compilation and publication of the teachings made by the President and gave on-site guidance to a unit.
He even reviewed the documents to be presented to the President late into the night.
On the Day of the Shining Star (February 16) of a year, he took a measure to dispatch the February 17 Shock Brigade of Scientists and Technicians to Taehongdan County to solve sci-tech problems arising in establishing a system of gathering seeds of virus-free potato. And on his birthday of another year, he visited Wonhwa-ri in Phyongwon County to acquaint himself in detail with its per-hectare crop yield, meat and fruit production and the construction of modern dwellings and set forth tasks to turn the Wonhwa Cooperative Farm into a model socialist modern village.
Therefore, the DPRK people will always remember his great life of patriotic devotion and add glory to his feats.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/babomike/3989572618/

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