Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Defense Minister’s Reckless Action

Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) — Traitor Song Yong Mu, puppet defense minister of south Korea, told at the “National Assembly” lately over the DPRK’s test-fire of ICBM Hwasong-15 that if the U.S. requested a “sea blockade,” they “would examine the requirement positively and join in it.”

He also noted that he “agreed” with the view of lawmakers from the conservative opposition party on the redeployment of tactical nukes.
Earlier, in a lecture hosted by the puppet oceanic strategic institute, he talked nonsense that there would not be withdrawal of the U.S. troops from south Korea and disorganization of the allied command even if the U.S. were to transfer the OPECON (wartime operation control) to south Korea,
In this regard, Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says in a commentary that it fully revealed his true colors as the vicious traitor and confrontation maniac obsessed by pro-U.S. sycophancy.
Song Yong Mu is keen to deprive the DPRK of nuclear treasured sword defending the security and future of the nation, while pleasing the U.S. like a puppy which unhesitatingly calls for “total extermination” of the Korean nation. This traitor is a disgrace to the nation and source of trouble.
The south Korean authorities’ double-dealing attitude can never be tolerated as they go reckless in the confrontation moves by setting in motion such vicious pro-U.S. warmonger and confrontation maniac as Song, while paying lip-service to “dialogue” and “peace”.
All those seeking to impair the dignity of the DPRK and violate its sovereignty, regardless of whether they are executors or backstage wire-pullers, will have to pay dearly for their demeanor.

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