DPRK Witnesses Dozens of Nanotechnology Achievements This Year

Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA) — DPRK officials and scientists in the field of nanotechnology have made dozens of nanotechnology achievements this year.

The Nanotechnology Center of the Institute of Advanced Science of Kim Il Sung University manufactured a powerful ultrasonic processing machine with an output of 1 200W our own way.
It makes it possible to mass-produce nano-materials at low cost.
Researchers at Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University made bandages for treating burns from natural macromolecular substance and nano-silver separated from material abundant in the country.
The Material Engineering Department of Kim Chaek University of Technology used new nano-material for developing high-performance cutting tools capable of processing material with precision and security at a high speed and temperature.
The Agricultural Nanotechnology Center of the Institute of Agricultural Science developed nano-silicon fertilizer and applied it to on co-op farms in North and South Phyongan Provinces, thus considerably increasing the per-hectare yield of rice.
The State Nanotechnology Bureau set up a new process for putting the production of nano-micronutrient fertilizer for rice and vegetable farming on an industrial base.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15313409005/

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