State Commendations to Persons for Distinguished Merits in Science Research

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) — State commendations were awarded to scientists, technicians, teachers, researchers and Three Revolution Team members for their distinguished merits in the science research work.

Ri Hyon Gwang and Ryu Song Un received Kim Jong Il Prize, Ri Kang Hyon a watch bearing the august name of President Kim Il Sung, Ro Yong Chil a watch bearing the august name of leader Kim Jong Il, Ri In Su, Ko Chol Ryong, Jon Sung Chil, Ha Su Gil, Pak Chan Bin, Ji Kyong Hun and Yu Kyong Su a citation of Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong Un and Ri Un Ju and Ham Un Chol Kim Jong Il Youth Honor Prize.
The title of People’s Scientist went to four persons, the title of Merited Scientist to nine persons and the title of Merited Technician to four persons.
17 persons were awarded Order of National Flag First Class and 87 persons Order of Labor and Order of National Flag Second Class.
A ceremony of awarding the state commendations for Juche 106 (2017) took place at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on Thursday.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1026427061/

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