S. Korean Puppet Forces’ Act of Treachery Flayed

Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) — Kang Kyong Hwa, south Korean puppet foreign minister, when meeting Japan Prime Minister Abe during her junket to Japan some days ago, underscored the “importance of pressurizing the north through sanctions” through solidarity of the international community” and stressed that the relations with Japan are developing in “positive direction”. At talks with Japan foreign minister she trumpeted about “cooperation to cope with the north’s nuclear weapons” while finding fault with its “nuclear and missile issue”. She even took the trouble to explain the content of the report on the examination of the “agreement” on sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and stooped to any infamy to ask for excuses, saying that “it is not consistent with the government stand”.

A commentary of Rodong Sinmun Saturday denounces this behavior of Kang Kyong Hwa as an intolerable act of treachery which disclosed the ambition of the present puppet authorities for stifling the fellow countrymen and their attitude of submitting to Japan. It goes on:
Shortly ago, the south Korean chief executive said that Japan is not an “ally” of south Korea in a bid to calm down the rebuff of the neighboring countries against south Korea getting keen on diplomacy with Japan. No sooner had the echoes of her remark disappeared than Kang flew to Japan where she made eyes at her Japanese masters, talking about “solution of relations” and “positive direction”. This indicates that the puppet forces have come out with their sleeves rolled up to build triangular military alliance pursued by the U.S. through the “improvement of ties” with Japan on the sly.
It is a lesson of history that a nation harboring traitor seized by sycophancy and dependence on outsiders can neither defend its dignity and sovereignty nor can it evade shame and disaster.

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