Foreigners Blast U.S. Hostile Policy toward DPRK

Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) — Political parties and personages of different countries denounced the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK and supported the Korean people’s struggle for bolstering up the military capability for self-defense between Dec. 2 and 12.

The Egyptian National Progress United Party in a statement said that nobody can prevent a nation exposed to the U.S. nuclear threat from having access to nuclear weapons, condemning the UNSC “sanctions resolutions” against the DPRK for inflicting unimaginable damage on the Korean people.
A spokesman for the Party gave the following answer to a question put by a reporter of Al Sabia Newspaer on the DPRK issue:
We do not believe the wrong propaganda of the West against north Korea.
According to the official data, north Korea is very developed and it has power capable of standing the sanctions of the West.
Contrary to the West propaganda, north Korea is a united and stable country strong in creative ability.
The vice-president of the Party for Free Motherland of Brazil, in a commentary dedicated to the newspaper Hora do Povo, said that Trump’s remarks that the DPRK poses a “threat to the world” are nothing but sophism.
The commentary noted that the “story of threat from north Korea” is no more than a pretext to invade the DPRK and realize their hegemonic ambition and this would get the U.S. isolated.
The secretary general of the Romanian Workers’ Association in a statement strongly criticized the U.S. hostile policy aimed to trample on the DPRK’s sovereignty and rights to existence and development.
The statement said:
The Korean people have the legitimate right to take measures for self-defense. We extend firm support and solidarity to the Korean people.

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