Military Attack on DPRK Will Lead U.S. to Destruction: Minju Joson

Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) — Minju Joson Saturday in a commentary cites facts to prove that the U.S. is more openly pursuing its scenario to escalate military confrontation with the DPRK.

The commentary says:
War maniac Trump asserted in a recent “report on national security strategy” that all military options are on the table. Against this backdrop, the national security assistant of the White House, the secretary of Defense and other warmongers of the U.S. let out a load of war-inciting remarks every day. They talked such rubbish that the U.S. should make preparations for “forcibly denuclearizing” the DPRK if necessary and the day when the U.S. sets out on the military action will be “doomsday” for the DPRK, underlining the need to get ready for the outbreak of war.
Terming this confrontation hysteria last-ditch efforts of those who bitterly realized their real flop in the nuclear stand-off with the DPRK which accomplished the great historic cause of completing its state nuclear force, the commentary goes on:
It is the resolute stand of the DPRK to willingly deal with the U.S. by force if it fails to come to reason and opts for the use of force against the former.
The world will witness the terrible destruction of the U.S. in the finals of the standoff with the DPRK, which has lasted for decades.
The war maniacs of the U.S. should never forget that the strong nuclear strike means of the DPRK firmly protecting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and security of the country and the nation have put the whole U.S. territory in their strike range and the military attack on the DPRK will lead it to destruction.

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