Rodong Sinmun on Trump’s National Security Strategy

Pyongyang, January 7 (KCNA) — At the end of last year U.S. President Trump announced a report on national security strategy.

Terming this new security strategy a dangerous one for confrontation and domination that may drive the global peace into an irretrievable phase of destruction, Rodong Sinmun Sunday in an article says:
The report shows that the U.S. is more viciously trying to block the advance of mankind desirous of progress and peace.
The swollen-headed Trump group thinks that it can easily deal with any international issue on the strength.
For the U.S. strength means “justice” and doctrine for existence as it is vociferating about “doctrine of strength being all-powerful”.
Former U.S. President Obama pursued the policy of “strategic patience” to isolate and stifle the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the present Trump administration adopted a new policy of “maximum pressure and engagement”. They are, in fact, a “big-stick policy”.
This is nothing but an extension of the hostile policy toward the DPRK aimed to bring it down by putting maximum pressure and strangling it in all aspects of politics, economy and culture on the basis of military muscle.
Public opinions brand Trump’s new national security strategy as unbalanced, prejudiced and foolish strategy consistent with Cold War-mode of thinking, viewpoint and futile attempt.
History will mete out punishment of destruction to the U.S., empire of evils which has pursued the “big-stick policy” down through centuries.

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