Choe Ryong Hae Inspects Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory

Pyongyang, January 8 (KCNA) — Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the C.C., Workers’ Party of Korea, vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the C.C., WPK, inspected the Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory.

Going round the factory, he gave pep-talks to its employees striving to modernize the production processes and operating the equipment at full capacity.
He stressed the importance of the factory’s role in improving the provincial people’s standard of living, and urged it to produce more world-famous products and commodities in reliance on locally available raw material resources.
Choe also inspected the Kalma Foodstuff Factory associated with the feats of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
He called on the factory to thoroughly implement the Party’s intention for providing the people with tasty processed fish.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/26781577@N07/14887448118/

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