Minju Joson Blasts Japanese Reactionaries’ Push for Revival of Militarist Specter

Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) — Japan is reportedly mulling remaking helicopter escort ship Izmo so that it could carry Stealth-capable F-35B of the U.S.

It also plans to set up a senior unit commanding those in charge of space and cyber space and electronic warfare, within the Defense Ministry and the “Self-Defense Forces”.
Being examined within the Japanese government now is the idea of ensuring “local production” of long-range cruise missiles capable of attacking enemy bases, and in its extension huge funds have been squandered on the introduction of the U.S.-made defence hardware, at the end of allocating the maximum size defence budget running at an astronomical figure.
Minju Joson commentary Wednesday denounces this as a dangerous act aimed to realize the ambition for overseas expansion.
It goes on:
The goal sought by Japan, going keen on the ambition for overseas aggression, is turning the country into a military giant and the key goals of the Japanese reactionaries are to acquire capabilities for conducting military operations for aggression in any region and any time at will.
Japan’s overseas aggression is becoming a stark reality.
It is not hard to guess what horrible disaster mankind will face in case the country opts for reinvasion, a country which has not yet settled its crime-woven past but only been keen on justifying its history of aggression.
If the Japanese reactionaries are not checked in their push for reviving the militarist specter and for launching overseas aggression, this will have adverse impact on peace and security in Northeast Asia and furthermore the world and on the civilization and development of humankind, and in the end, humankind will be forced to undergo a dreadful disaster again.

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