Rodong Sinmun Calls for Opening up Way for Independent Reunification

Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) — Defusing military tension and removing the danger of a war from the Korean Peninsula at present are an essential issue for achieving the national unity and reunification, says an article of Rodong Sinmun Thursday.

It would not be possible to remove the distrust and conflict between the north and the south nor would it be possible to cover the path to reunification as long as the military tension mounts, the article notes, calling for ending the extreme military tensions at an early date and opening up the way for independent reunification.
It goes on:
It is the consistent stand and will of the DPRK to foil the outsiders’ aggression moves and safeguard the wellbeing of the fellow countrymen and defend the peace of the country. We will as ever strive hard to defend the peace on the Korean Peninsula and security of the nation.
Not hoping for the Korean nation getting reconciled and reunified, the U.S. is rendering the situation constantly tense on the Korean Peninsula in order to invade the DPRK and to realize the ambition for world domination.
The arms buildup and the large-scale joint military exercises with foreign forces aimed at threatening and invading the other partner are key factors straining the military tension between the north and the south and driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to unpredictable phase of danger.
The north and the south can certainly avert a war and defuse the tensions on the Korean Peninsula if they make up their mind to.
Neither aggression challenge nor obstructive moves of the anti-reunification forces can ever check the advance of the Korean nation to write a new history of the national reunification by its concerted efforts.

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