Conservative Forces in S. Korea Urged to Give up Intent for Confrontation

Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) — Though voicing “support” for the opening of high-level talks between the north and the south of Korea, the conservative forces in the south including the “Liberal Korea Party” claimed that “the south should not be deceived by the camouflaged peace offensive of the north” and that “nuclear dismantlement should be a precondition for dialogue”.

This is an anti-reunification behavior to chill the whole nation’s desire for dialogue and improved relations between the north and the south and keep the relations at the low ebb, Rodong Sinmun Sunday says in a commentary.
It goes on:
Their behavior shows that the bad habit of sustaining their existence by hurting the north, escalating the north-south confrontation and distrusting everything of the north has not changed at all.
It is only the “Liberal Korea Party” and other conservative forces of south Korea that conduct such improper behavior as branding the north’s patriotic efforts for improved north-south relations and national reunification as a “camouflaged peace offensive”.
If the conservative forces of south Korea go against the trend of the times for improved north-south relations, being obsessed with view on the past, they would be ostracized by the nation and history forever. The “Liberal Korea Party” and other conservative forces of south Korea should not turn blind eyes to our sincere proposal for opening the door of dialogue, contact and visits to the ruling and opposition parties of south Korea.
Those who betray the mindset of the people while swimming against the trend of the times will have no future.
The south Korean conservatives should give up the treacherous intent for confrontation, mindful that to improve the north-south relations is the aspiration and demand of all Koreans.

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