World Media Praise Kim Jong Un as Ideal State Leader

Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA) — Media of the United States and other countries have praised respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s outstanding personality at a time when his historic New Year Address evokes a lively response worldwide.

Many media of the world are lavishing praises on him as a popular statesman with warm tenderness, the leader remarkably increasing the strength of the DPRK and the young leader who put the U.S. on the defensive through successive blows, despising it.
The U.S. internet news NK NEWS and magazine Newsweek said the New Year Address of Kim Jong Un was full of confidence and that he is respected and revered by the people.
The Indian paper Ocean News Point, the Iranian Ilna and other media praised him as the most ideal state leader in the present times with good character and qualifications, a popular statesman with noble benevolence and outlook on the people and a leader strong in faith, guts and independent stand.
The East Siberian Publishing House in Irkutsk Region, Russia in a special article posted on its internet homepage said he is the youngest state leader in the present world, adding:
The character of leader Kim Jong Un draws attention of the international community.
His quality is to do everything at a go and with a blitz.
His spirit “At a go” is not merely the youthful strength and enthusiasm and a graph of acceleration, but the spirit of brave charge–doing ten years’ work in one year, regardless of ready-made formulas and theories.
His spirit is the spirit of successive offensive, not remaining complacent with successes.
The DPRK, which has already emerged a politico-ideological power and military power, is advancing to be a sci-tech power, economic power, civilized power and sports power. From this the international community highly admires the spirit of successive offensive of leader Kim Jong Un.
He has super-powerful spirit jolting the world.
Patrioti Moskva, DPRK Today and other internet homepages of Russia and its internet magazine Lemchich said that the successes of great leap of the DPRK in the building of a powerful socialist country in 2017 proved that no force could block the Korean army and people advancing by dint of self-reliance and self-development, united close around Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
The Bangladeshi paper The Daily Folk said: The DPRK has already emerged a world-level military power equipped with latest strategic means and H-bomb. Promising is the future of the DPRK which will advance into the world arena as a richer and more powerful entity under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
Witnessing the world-starling events in the DPRK and the situation of the Korean Peninsula in recent years, the world came to clearly know that the steady victories of the DPRK are ascribable to its great leader and believes that the DPRK will emerge victorious for all ages.
High is the spirit of the Korean people vigorously advancing toward fresh victories, rallied close around the great leader who is deeply revered by the whole world.

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