Japan Hit for Seeking to Profit from Aggravated Situation on Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) — Thanks to the DPRK’s active measure, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is going towards detente.

In a bid to reverse the trend some Japanese VIPs such as Prime Minister Abe; Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga; Defense Minister Onodera and Chief of the Asia and Oceania Bureau of Foreign Ministry Kanasuki said that Japan remains unchanged in the policy to leave no stone unturned to put maximum pressure on the DPRK and will not respond to the full-dress dialogue so long as the DPRK fails to take concrete action for denuclearization.
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday comments that it is nothing but the base and malicious scheme of the Japanese reactionary ruling quarters to draw water to their mill by deliberately exacerbating the tension on the Korean Peninsula.
It continues:
This is motivated by the Abe group’s ulterior intention to remain in office long.
So they are working hard to get rid of the crisis by diverting elsewhere the sharp criticism from the public at home.
This is also mainly aimed at turning Japan into a military giant and realizing the militarist ambition.
Abe group’s “long-cherished desire” is to make Japan a war state.
The detente on the Korean peninsula is unfavorable for the Abe group whose ultimate goal is to convert Japan into a war state. That is why they persist in their policy to stifle the DPRK.
Japan would be well advised liquidate the worst crimes against the Korean nation, not to running amuck.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15323822192/

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