Korea’s First Revolutionary Publication Saenal

Pyongyang, January 17 (KCNA) — It has been 90 years since President Kim Il Sung founded the first revolutionary newspaper Saenal (New Day) on January 15, 1928.

In the latter half of the 1920s, Kim Il Sung initiated the publication of the newspaper, an educational means for arousing broad sections of young people and other people to the anti-Japanese struggle.
At that time he keenly realized the necessity of the revolutionary publication which gives ideological food to young people and other people and settled knotty problems.
He aroused activists of the Saenal Children’s Union and hard-core elements of the Paeksan Youth League to the work for launching the newspaper and personally wrote an inaugural address and other important editorials and articles all night.
Under his energetic guidance, the first issue of the newspaper Saenal written by brush came into being, making a great contribution to arousing broad sections of people in the city of Fusong and other areas to the anti-Japanese struggle.
Afterwards, Bolshevik, Nong-u, Samil Wolgan, Sogwang, Jongsori, Cholhyol and other revolutionary publications were published to render great service to bringing about a historic event of Korea’s liberation.
The precious traditions of the revolutionary publication created by Kim Il Sung in the flames of the anti-Japanese armed struggle has been carried forward generation after generation.
In the 1970s when a radical turn was made in editorial writing, mass media, newspaper editing and the press, leader Kim Jong Il saw to it that the newspaper Saenal was published again and indicated in detail the problems arising in the newspaper editing.
Very busy as respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was with revolutionary leadership, he learned about the publication of Saenal and took measures for increasing its circulation and strengthening education among young people and children through the publication.
Indeed, the prolonged course of Saenal is a history of the wise guidance of the peerlessly great men and a proud history in which the people deeply felt the power of the publication.

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