Japan’s Heinous Crime Should Be Settled without Fail

Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) — The Japanese imperialists illegally occupied Korea early in the 20th century and committed a number of heinous unethical crimes.

Among them was an assassination of Kojong, emperor of Korea, on January 22, 1919.
Emperor Kojong, representative of the Feudal Joson Dynasty, expressed his strong dissatisfaction for Japan’s aggressive maneuverings and tried to frustrate them.
The Japanese imperialists forced him to conclude the “Ulsa (1905) Five-Point Treaty” for establishing colonial domination over Korea, but he did not sign and seal the treaty despite aggressors’ threat and blackmail.
He dispatched three emissaries to the 2nd International Peace Conference held in Hague in June 1907, letting them expose the illegality and invalidity of the treaty.
When the Japanese imperialists compelled him to acquiesce in the “Jongmi Seven-Point Treaty” that year, he rejected the prior consent, signing and sealing of it.
Regarding him as a thorn in their flesh, the Japanese imperialists forcibly dethroned Kojong and, not content with it, they murdered him by poison.
According to the history, the Japanese imperialists instigated a stooge to put poison into food prepared for Kojong. After his death, his eyes turned into bloody color and red stigmas broke out on his whole body.
The Japanese imperialists made desperate efforts to conceal their crime but it cannot be covered up.
The “2nd declaration on independence” worked out and announced by the “Korean Provisional Government” in Shanghai in 1921 and the personal letter of a child of Kojong’s concubine wrote that the Japanese imperialists imprisoned those who insisted on the poisoning of Kojong after examining his corpse and finding out red stigmas on his whole body.
Recorded in the diary of a Japanese, who was director of the auditing bureau at Japan’s royal office in 1919, are the data that Terauchi, the first Japanese imperialist “governor-general” in Korea, instructed to poison Emperor Kojong for the reason that he refused to acknowledge the “Ulsa Five-Point Treaty”.
Japan is now impudently scheming to justify or cover up its heinous unethical crimes committed against the Korean people in the past.
Japan should make apology and reparation for its past crimes.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cynthinee/9432045895/

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