S. Korean Conservatives’ Anti-Reunification Campaign under Fire

Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) — The conservative group of south Korea are behaving mischievously, finding fault with every matter the north and the south are pushing ahead over the Winter Olympics.

Commenting on the fact, Rodong Sinmun Monday says it is the last-ditch effort to spoil the hard-won climate for improved north-south relations and block our participation in the Winter Olympics.
It goes on:
Clear is the reason why the south Korean conservatives are making a desperate bid with blood-shot eyes. Having prolonged remaining days with dependence on outsiders and confrontation with the compatriots, they consider the improvement of the north-south relations as a horrible nightmare of tightening their windpipes.
The tragedy of national division has been going on for over seven decades and a grave situation fraught with the danger of war has persisted on this land owing to the flunkeyist and treacherous confrontation moves of the south Korean conservative group being parasitic on the U.S.
However, they are getting ever more desperate in their moves of confrontation with the compatriots although they were ousted from power, far from reflecting on their unpardonable crimes against reunification.
All these facts clearly show once again that the south Korean conservatives are a cancer-like being in the way for improvement of the north-south relations, peace and national reunification and a group of top-class traitors that should be no longer allowed to go at large.
No matter how desperately they may try to mislead the public opinion, nobody will lend an ear to their trumpeting.
The south Korean conservatives would be well advised to stop at once such foolish smear campaign making their end more miserable and prepare themselves to stand their trial for the thrice-cursed crimes they committed against the nation.

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