Chongryon Headquarters Chairmen Vow to Contribute to National Reunification

Tokyo, February 3 (KNS-KCNA) — Chairpersons of the Headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) issued statements on Jan. 31 in support of the appeal of the joint conference of the DPRK government, political parties and organizations.

Jo Il Yon, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Headquarters of Chongryon, said that the Chongryon officials and Koreans in the metropolis would make patriotic efforts to create the climate of national reconciliation and reunification and open a new phase of national reunification under the banner of national independence, By Our Nation Itself.
Kim Sang Il, chairman of the Kyoto Headquarters of Chongryon, vowed to resolutely reject the U.S. reckless nuclear war provocation moves against the DPRK and strengthen the unity of compatriots under the unfurled banner of national independence, By Our Nation Itself.
Ri Ju Hak, chairman of Fukuoka Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon, noted that the officials and compatriots would turn out as one in the campaign to frustrate the U.S. war moves against the DPRK and bring about the climate of peace on the Korean Peninsula so as to fulfill their responsibility and role as the driving force of the movement for national reunification.

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