Moves against Improvement of Inter-Korean Relations Flailed

Pyongyang, February 6 (KCNA) — The People’s Democratic Party of south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on Feb. 3 to denounce the U.S. and the pro-American conservative forces for hindering the improved south-north ties, according to the south Korean internet paper Minjok Ilbo.

The speakers condemned the U.S. for massively shipping nuclear strategic assets in and around the Korean peninsula to turn the region into the crucible of a war and for getting keen on slandering the DPRK over “human rights issue” with the Winter Olympics due in south Korea just around the corner.
The U.S. is a chief culprit which divided the Korean nation and estranged the south from the north and has committed all sorts of atrocities on this land, they said.
They recalled the U.S. and the conservatives have hampered the improvement of the south-north relations, urging the present “government” not to blindly follow the U.S. without principle.
A press release at the conference said that the danger of U.S. nuclear war exercises against the north is daily increasing, disclosing that the “support for south-north dialogue” touted by Trump is a crafty camouflage to cover it up.
At the end of the press conference, the participants marched up to the “government” building, while chanting slogans.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cynthinee/9436342763/

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