Greatness of Kim Jong Il Praised by Women’s Union Officials and Members

Pyongyang, February 14 (KCNA) — Officials and members of the women’s union had a seminar on the greatness of leader Kim Jong Il at the Women’s Hall Wednesday to commemorate his 76th birth anniversary.

The speakers said that Kim Jong Il is a gifted thinker and theoretician and a peerless statesman and a tender-hearted father as he provided the eternal foundation for the cause of building a powerful socialist nation with his outstanding leadership and super-human energy.
They said that he strengthened the People’s Army in every way by holding fast to the Songun politics as the treasured sword of victory despite unprecedented trial of history, and thus honorably defended socialism of Juche.
They referred to the feats of Kim Jong Il who set forth the grandiose goal of building a powerful socialist nation and wisely led the struggle for realizing it, putting the might of Juche Korea on the highest level.
The history of love for the people by Kim Jong Il who dedicated all his life to their happiness is given a steady continuity on this land under the guidance of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, they stressed.
They called for strikingly manifesting the indomitable spirit and stamina of the Korean women in the sacred struggle to realize the historic great cause of building a powerful socialist nation under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, cherishing the fixed faith that Kim Jong Il is always with us.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15114233257/

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