Rodong Sinmun Mocks Abe’s Visit to S. Korea

Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Sunday in a commentary ridicules Japanese Prime Minster Abe for laying bare his humiliating and crude temper during the two day and one night-trip to south Korea which he made under the pretext of attending the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics.

Abe, far from making an apology and paying the minimum reparations for the past crimes, crossed over the Korean strait, being panicked by the thaw in the inter-Korean relations. He had gone wild to cast a chill over the hard-won climate of reconciliation between the fellow countrymen. He deserves the call, a cheeky self-invited guest, says the commentary, and goes on:
The Abe clique may groan about the climate of peace on the Korean peninsula, complaining that it makes them feel like sitting on a cushion of thorn. However, the trend of the times will make its way, mocking at the political mice of the island nation.
Abe, who attended the opening ceremony to spoil other’s feast, only failed and went back to his den, empty-handed and crestfallen. He must stop going mischievous and listen carefully to the shout of peace resounding throughout the Korean peninsula.
He should cool his heated ambition of militarism and think twice why the whole world is calling the Japanese politicians including Abe political dwarfs, why the Korean nation’s grudge against Japan knows no end even after the lapse of decades and why they only get the cold shoulder and hatred no matter how much money they spend here and there.
Japan must collect itself, away from the ambition of reinvasion, and meditate on the way of guaranteeing the genuine security of the Japanese archipelago under the present situation where the strategic landscape of Asia-Pacific has undergone a dramatic change along with the DPRK’s accomplishment of its great historic cause of perfecting the state nuclear force.
The sooner the reflection and awareness, the better the result.

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