Japan Can Never Evade Responsibility for Crime of Sexual Slavery

Pyongyang, February 22 (KCNA) — Ri Hye Yong, a researcher at the Human Rights Division of the DPRK Institute of International Studies, Thursday issued an article titled “Japan Can Never Evade Responsibility for Crime of Sexual Slavery”.

When people come up with the words “sexual slavery”, they call to mind a country, called Japan, the article said, adding:
That is because Japan is the most despicable and audacious country in the world, which in the first half of the last century forced hundreds of thousands of women from Korea and several other countries into the humiliating sexual slavery and neither felt the slightest remorse nor reflected on its past for over a century.
Nevertheless, Japan recently keeps harping on “championing women’s empowerment” deceitfully in the international arenas including the UN. What is worse, it impudently seeks to cover up its past crime by paying a trivial sum of money.
The article cited data to disclose that the sexual slavery was a crime of organized and massive abuse of women’s right, perpetrated by the Japanese government and military from its contrivance to the execution as a state policy.
It went on:
Japan is bent on refusing to recognize its legal and moral state responsibility for the sexual slavery. Underlying it is its intention to repeat its history of aggression and crime by training not only the rising generations but also all its citizens in the spirit of revanchism and militarism.
For that reason, the international community vehemently denounces the Abe government for making frantic efforts to repeat Japan’s crime-ridden past by turning Japanese citizens into brutes in human skin again.
However strongly it advocates “women’s human rights” and whatever cunning tricks it employs, Japan cannot cover up its past crimes for the sexual slavery–the A-class state-sponsored crime against humanity that has left an indelible mark in mankind’s history.
If Japan refuses to reflect honestly on the nation’s wrongful past and make a sincere apology for its past crime, it will continue to be subjected to strong international condemnation and it cannot evade the responsibility for the disgraceful crime of sexual slavery.

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