Nuclear Force of DPRK Is Powerful Weapon for Defending Peace: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, February 23 (KCNA) — The nuclear force of the DPRK is the powerful treasured sword for defending peace as it can decisively tackle the nuclear threats and blackmail from the U.S., Rodong Sinmun Friday says in an article.

Noting that it is entirely just for the DPRK to bolster up its strength, the article goes on:
Concession to the imperialists and asking them for aid is a foolish act of inviting self-destruction as their nature is aggression and plunder. Every country can guarantee genuine peace and security only when its military strength is strong enough to smash any move of aggressors and provokers. Our army is putting spurs to deploying nuclear warheads and ballistic rockets whose power and reliability have already been proved.
The U.S. and its vassal forces brand the nuclear force of the DPRK as “threat to world peace and security”. This is nothing but a miserable scream made by those, who have a premonition of their destruction. It goes to prove that our nuclear force becomes the means meting out a horrible punishment to the aggressors.
Neither sanctions nor provocations nor threats can ever undermine our position of nuclear weapons state. Hoping that the DPRK would abandon its nuclear programs is as foolish an act as trying to wish seas to get dried up. It would be a wise option to take the stand to peacefully co-exist with the DPRK which has towered as a strategic state.

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