Commendations Awarded to Taekwon-Do Players

Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) — In the DPRK party and state commendations were awarded to the players who proved successful in the 20th Taekwon-Do World Championships and their coaches and distinguished members concerned.

The DPRK Taekwon-Do players came first in the countries standings of the championships.
A ceremony of awarding the commendations took place at the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee on Tuesday.
Attending it were Choe Hwi, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea who is chairman of the National Sports Guidance Committee, Kim Kyong Ho, chairman of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee, and officials, players, coaches and employees of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee.
A watch bearing the august name of leader Kim Jong Il was awarded to Jang Kyong Ok, coach of the Taekwon-Do Team of the committee, and Kim Jong Il Youth Honor Prize to Ri Song Hun, a player of the North Hwanghae Provincial Taekwon-Do Team, Kim Nam Su, a player of the Jagang Provincial Taekwon-Do Team, and O Ji Hyang, a player of the Taekwon-Do Team of the committee.
The title of People’s Athlete went to three persons, the title of Merited Athlete to six persons and the Order of National Flag First Class to seven persons.
The Order of National Flag Second Class was conferred on eight persons, the Order of National Flag Third Class to five persons and Medal of Merit to eleven persons.

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