Papers Disclose Hideous Unethical Crimes of Japan

Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) — Newspapers of the DPRK Thursday denounce the massacres committed by Japanese imperialists against demonstrators in Taegu at the time of the March First Popular Uprising.

The uprising that started with the large-scale anti-Japanese demonstration in Pyongyang on March 1, 1919 as the torch spread across the country including Seoul in the flash. Tens of thousands of students and patriotic people waged an unflinching action in Taegu on March 8 in defiance of the Japanese imperialist police’s suppression, chanting slogans like “Long Live Independence of Korea!” and “Japanese and Japanese Army, Leave!”
Much upset by this, the Japanese imperialist aggressors buckled down to barbarous suppression.
Rodong Sinmun in an article says that the Japanese imperialist police and military police fired bullets into peaceable empty-handed demonstrators, killing a number of Koreans.
The massacres in Taegue were just a tip of iceberg of the hideous massacres of Koreans committed by the Japanese imperialists, the paper said, detailing the data.
The suppression and massacres of the Koreans by the Japanese imperialists were hideous crimes against humanity baffling human imagination in view of barbarity and brutality.
But the Japanese reactionaries are still resorting to all kinds of tricks, neither admitting nor making reparations for the hideous crimes committed by them, the paper said, urging the need to settle accounts with the Japanese imperialists’ hideous crimes against humanity to the last.
Minju Joson in an article denounces the impudent Japanese reactionaries for going keen on reinvasion moves while openly beautifying their history of aggression, not content with defying the voice of the international community for the abolition of the past.

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