Japan Can Never Get Rid of Ill-fame as War Criminal State: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) — A video showing the massacre committed by the Imperial Japanese Army against sexual slaves in 1944 was recently disclosed. The 19-second footage was taken in Yunnan Province of China. Together with the video, 14 documents and 2 photos were disclosed which proved that the Imperial Japanese Army shot to death 30 Korean women.

A commentary of Rodong Sinmun Saturday says that this has brought to light once again the barbarity and cruelty of the Japanese imperialists.
The commentary goes on:
Japan’s right-wing conservative forces including the Abe group are making a far-fetched assertion that there has never been such a thing as the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and insulted the victims of the sexual slavery as “prostitutes” and tried to shift the blame on to the victims, claiming that “they provided sex out of their own accords for money”.
But the recent video clearly proves that there actually existed the sexual slavery system for the Imperial Japanese Army.
The aim sought by Japan in persisting in its moves to cover up the crime related to the sexual slavery is not just to evade shame as a war criminal state. Those who deny crimes are bound to repeat them any time in the future. The aim sought by the Abe group is to deny the history of crimes, bring back the past history of aggression and crimes and thus realize the ambition for putting Asia under its control which Japan failed to do in the past.
Japan is trying to imbue the new generations with the militarist idea and nurture the spirit of avenge among the Japanese. It is making desperate efforts to cover up the hideous crimes against humanity and paint Japan as a “normal state”.
But Japan is gravely mistaken. With neither sleight of hand nor a few penny of money can Japan get rid of the ill-fame as a war criminal state.

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