Abe’s Reckless Bid to Revise Constitution under Fire

Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) — Days ago, Japanese Prime Minister Abe reeled off unreasonable remarks at the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives that the “Self-Defense Forces” conform with the Constitution, stressing the need to put an end to the “theory of unconstitutional SDF”. He openly forced ruling and opposition parties to hasten the revision of the Constitution stipulating the existence of SDF while keeping the paragraph 2 of Article 9.

This clearly shows how keen the Japanese reactionaries are for their ambition for overseas expansion, Minju Joson Tuesday says in a commentary.
The commentary goes on:
The “bill for the revision of the Constitution” was worked out by the persistent assertion that the “Pacifist Constitution” stipulating eternal renouncement of war and use of armed forces should be revised, under the pretext of “security of Japan”. Now it is becoming the general target of the Abe regime.
One of the key points sought by the Abe regime is to stipulate the existence of SDF as regular armed forces.
The Japan SDF has surpassed the level of “exclusive defense” and radically changed in quality and quantity as full-fledged offensive armed forces for overseas aggression through the persistent moves of decades to turn Japan into a military giant.
The main target of Japan for overseas aggression is to revise the Constitution for making Japan “a country capable of fighting a war”. This is the calculation of the Japanese reactionaries.
That is why they make desperate efforts to revise the Constitution stipulating the existence of SDF in defiance of the unanimous opposition and rejection at home and abroad.
Japan should clearly understand that the chariot of militarism will finally lead to self-destruction.
Such foolish moves of the Japanese reactionaries, oblivious of the lesson of disgraceful history, will surely end in the ruin of Japan.

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