Japanese Reactionaries’ Moves for Reinvasion Slammed

Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) — Shortly ago, Japanese Prime Minister Abe said at a meeting of the Shiga prefectural branch under the Liberal Democratic Party that now is the time to tackle the revision of constitution, claiming that it is the “mission of politicians in the present times and LDP members to stipulate the existence of the ‘Self-Defense Forces’ defending Japan’s independence and peace” in Article 9 of the constitution.

Minju Joson Tuesday in a commentary says this is nonsense betraying the despicable nature of those obsessed with overseas invasion.
The Japanese reactionaries have long resorted to militarist moves for overseas invasion, says the commentary, adding:
With Japan’s persistent moves for turning itself into a military giant, its “Self-Defense Forces” came to have the same attack capability as the world’s top-level army has and the SDF’s scope of military action overseas has been expanded.
What remains to be done by Japan with physical capability necessary for overseas aggression is to guarantee it by law.
If this issue is solved, Japan can conduct military actions against any country anywhere without any restraint as it did in the past.
Now is the era of peace, and peace is becoming the trend of the times.
Japan’s pursuance of war against the trend deserves the international accusation because it is a reactionary act of running counter to the trend of the times.
Japan’s overseas invasion will bring nothing to itself but a miserable ruin, the commentary warns.

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