Japanese Reactionaries’ Ploy to Bedevil Situation on Korean Peninsula Slammed

Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) — Recently Abe met the prime ministers of the two Southeast Asian countries on a visit to Japan and requested them for cooperation in putting the “international pressure” upon the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a commentary ridicules this as a mean act of begging by one who is left alone.
The military authorities from the U.S., south Korea and Japan, who attended the 17th Asia Security Conference recently held in Singapore, had tripartite talks, the commentary says, and goes on:
During the talks there were differences among them over the issue of pressure upon the DPRK. The Japanese defense minister said that the U.S., Japan and south Korea agreed to keep pressure upon the DPRK. But the issue of pressure was not mentioned at a joint press conference after the talks.
The DPRK-U.S summit clearly proved that no matter how hard Japan kicks up a fuss, it can never stem the historic trend toward reconciliation, peace, stability and prosperity in the Korean Peninsula and the region.
Abe, seized with uneasiness, is inveigling Southeast Asian countries into the sinister moves to bedevil the situation on the Korean Peninsula.
Japan is beefing up its military muscle while persistently crying out for the “international pressure”. But it is nothing but last-ditch efforts to hide its miserable position, being totally marginalized from the trend of the regional situation.

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