Symposium Marks Founding Anniversary of Koryo

Kaesong, June 27 (KCNA) — There took place a social science symposium at Koryo Songgyungwan University on Wednesday to mark the 1100th founding anniversary of Koryo.

It was attended by Ri Hye Jong, president of the Academy of Social Sciences, and teachers, researchers, lecturers, writers, journalists, editors, university students and officials in the fields of science, education, media and national heritage conservation.
Speakers there explained and proved the history and culture of Koryo, the first unified state of Korea, detailed by them during the course of scientific research on the national cultural heritages.
They stressed that Koryo, the first unified state of Korea, which was founded in 918 and existed until 1392, had developed economy and culture and firmly defended the sovereignty of the country and the nation and thus fully demonstrated its dignity and mettle as a unified state.
The historical significance of its foundation is that it carried forward the historical traditions of the Korean nation by inheriting Koguryo, a powerful state that had existed for a thousand years in the East, and that it provided an important occasion for the unified development of the Korean nation by accomplishing the historical cause of territorial unification, they noted.
Koryo not only unified the territory as desired by Koguryo but also carried forward the customs of Koguryo and clearly showed that it was the state which inherited Koguryo, they added.

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