Korean Federation of Workers in Commerce in Japan Meets

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) — The 33rd regular general meeting of the Korean Federation of Workers in Commerce in Japan took place in Tokyo on June 23.

Attending it were Nam Sung U, vice-chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), Ri Song Chol, director of the Economic Department of Chongryon, and officials of the federation and other deputies.
The meeting reviewed the federation’s work of last two years and discussed and decided on the orientation of its work and main tasks to be carried out for the coming two years for the implementation of the decision of the 24th Chongryon Congress in hearty response to the tasks advanced in the congratulatory message of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
The congratulatory message sent by him to the 24th Chongryon Congress was read out at the meeting.
Pak Chung U, chairman of the federation, delivered an opening address and then Ri Jong Man, managing director of its Standing Council, made a report.
The reporter said that the last two years were a historic period during which the DPRK rose to the position of a strategic state recognized by the world and days during which the federation braved the unprecedented ordeals together with Chongryon.
He stressed the importance to develop the federation into a powerful body that takes deep roots among Korean workers in commerce by decisively enhancing its capability of assistance to compatriot businessmen and intensifying information work in the future, too, and thus building up the federation into a powerful one deeply rooted among the workers in commerce and paying greater efforts to national education.
Introduced at the meeting was a congratulatory message from the DPRK Ministry of External Economic Relations.
There was an awarding ceremony for the participants in the prize-winning movement of the federation.
Deputy Pak Chung U was reelected chairman of the federation and Deputy O Min Hak elected managing director of its Standing Council.
Nam Sung U made a speech.
He called for achieving the comprehensive redevelopment of the movement of Koreans in Japan in a fresh way for the happiness of compatriots and the future of the rising generation.

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