Technology for Manufacturing Gelatin Newly Established

Pyongyang, July 3 (KCNA) — The technology for manufacturing high-quality gelatin was newly established in the DPRK.

The technology was developed by Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry and highly appreciated at the recent 33rd National Festival of Science and technology.
After setting it as a goal to make high-quality gelatin with locally available raw materials, a research group of the university optimized the reaction conditions for decomposing the nonfat by-products of hide and solved sci-tech problems arising in such processes as filtering, maturing and enriching.
On this basis, the group succeeded in manufacturing Korean-style high-quality gelatin.
According to Kim Hyon Sil, a department head of the university, the new gelatin reaches at 95.5 percent in protein contents and contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids and essential macronutrients and microelements.
It is higher than the imports in the qualitative indices like viscosity, elasticity, moisture and transparency. And it has been introduced into various foodstuff establishments, proving economically profitable.
The DPRK is launching a brisk drive for breaking through the cutting edge after setting the Juche-oriented production of materials, fuel and equipment as a main task to ensure the independent and Juche characters of national economy.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/markscottjohnson/3104257068/

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