Nobody Can Match Korean People: Minju Joson

Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) — Minju Joson Wednesday says in a commentary that the reactionaries of history have made desperate efforts to tarnish the image of socialism with all sorts of vituperation, slander and sophism, but could never prevent mankind from aspiring after socialism.

Noting that socialism fascinates the people with its great attractive power and has taken deep roots in their minds with each passing day, the commentary goes on:
When socialism collapsed in some countries, the imperialists and their followers left no means untried to bring down the DPRK, the last fortress of socialism, loudly talking about the complete “end” of socialism. But the DPRK ushered in a great heyday of building a powerful socialist country, not simply maintaining its status quo.
Its secret lies in the fact that the great Workers’ Party of Korea built the most advanced and popular socialism in line with the independent nature of human being on this land.
With successful embodiment of the immortal Juche idea, which clarified on the basis of the scientific exposition of human being’s attributes for the first time in history that the unique master and transformer of the world are the popular masses, the Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses was built on this land where the people are the master of everything and everything serves them.
Socialism cherished in the minds of the people as the most valuable will always emerge victorious just like a big tree deeply rooted in a land remains unswayable despite any storm. This is science and truth.
No force can match the inexhaustible strength of the DPRK in which the leader believes in the people and the people dash ahead like the wind along the road of justice, truth and victory, closely rallied around the leader.

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