Kim Il Sung’s Feats Lauded Abroad

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) — Seminars on the exploits of President Kim Il Sung took place in Nepal, Uganda and Bulgaria between July 3 and 6 on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of his demise.

The general secretary of the Central Committee of the Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) said that the Nepali people pay the highest tribute to the President on the occasion of the anniversary of his demise.
The chairman of the Nepal Journalist Association for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Politics stressed that the President recognized by the world as a great leader and peerlessly elder statesman is always alive in the mind of mankind for his exploits.
Various personages of Uganda said it is the brilliant fruition of the President’s indefatigable devotion that the Korean people could win victories only for many years. They added that the world progressives are highly praising him still now for his great contribution to the Korean revolution and the human cause of independence.
Speakers at the seminar in Bulgaria noted that the President, the most distinguished great man in the 20th century, ushered in an era of independence when the working popular masses emerged the master of history for the first time in the history of mankind. They stressed that thanks to his wise leadership the DPRK could proudly appear in the international arena as a powerful country which no formidable enemy dares to provoke.
Messages to the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un were adopted at the seminars in Nepal and Bulgaria.

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