Regular Meeting of AKJPR

Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) — The 10th regular general meeting of the Association of Koreans in Japan for Peaceful Reunification was held in Tokyo on July 4.

It was attended by Nam Sung U, vice-chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), So Chung On, director of its Department for International Affairs and Reunification, Ri Tong Je, chairman of the AKJPR, representatives of local councils of the association and directors.
Congratulatory messages to the meeting were introduced.
Chairman Ri Tong Je said in a report that in the past four years since the ninth regular meeting the DPRK towered as a world’s strategic state and has entered the course that would lead straight to the final victory of the cause of Juche under the distinguished guidance of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
During the period under review, the AKJPR made a lot of achievements in the work to conduct information service for national reunification and strengthen solidarity and alliance among compatriots in the north and the south and abroad despite the anti-reunification forces’ obstructive moves, he noted.
He stressed the need to build up the Association, adding that it would play the vanguard role in the movement for national reunification through brisk activities for the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration.
Speeches were made before an address by Nam Sung U.
Earlier, the ninth general meeting of the Korean Human Rights Association in Japan was held on June 30.

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