To Legalize Jongyojo Is to Liquidate Evils

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) — A struggle for liquidating the evils is now under way across south Korea.

It is an important demand of the south Korean public to eliminate all sorts of evils left by the past conservative regime as early as possible.
The Teachers Union, an organization of progressive teachers which was forcibly outlawed by the Park Geun Hye group, has turned out in the struggle to gain the democratic right and legalization, amid the full support of different social circles.
The outlawing of the Union (Jongyojo), which had worked for justice, democracy and genuine education against confrontation with the fellow countrymen, was an undemocratic violence as it ruthlessly trampled down the inviolable right of education and hope for the future.
The indiscriminate persecution and suppression of those teaching justice and truth to the younger generation can not be justified as it is a heinous crime that clouds the future of the nation and checks the progressive development of society.
The issue of legalizing the Union, which has conducted righteous activities to instill the correct view on history and reunification consciousness into youth and children, should have already been resolved as required by the candlelight demonstrators.
The progressive educators still wage collective haircutting and hunger strike to regain their legal right and express their will to conduct a long-term struggle such as candlelight rally and sit-in strike.
The issue of legalizing the Union in south Korea serves as touchstone to distinguish the attitude toward the liquidation of evils of the conservative regime which violently repressed the education of justice and enforced mentally deforming the masters of the future. The liquidation of evils is the public demand.
It is the truth proved by history that only when one lends an ear to the public voice and absolutely follow it, good results will entail.
Whoever truly hopes for the reform of society and is concerned about the future of the nation should vigorously turn out in the struggle for legalization of the Union and the elimination of evils.

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