Anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s Demise Observed Abroad

Pyongyang, July 20 (KCNA) — Events were held in various countries from July 4 to 8 to observe the 24th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

They included a visit to the Kimilsungia Greenhouse in Guinea, a Korean book, photo and fine art exhibition in Venezuela, a book and photo exhibition in Indonesia and an exhibition in Britain.
On display at their venues were photos showing the noble careers and exploits of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and the personality of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as the peerlessly great man.
And there were works authored by the peerlessly great persons, books introducing socialist Korea and art works showing the creative wisdom and talents of the Korean nation.
The chairman of the Guinean Society for the Study of the Juche Literary Idea said that Kim Il Sung is an outstanding thinker and theoretician who founded the undying Juche idea and statesman and tender-hearted father of the people. Kimilsungia shining with his august name is the flower representing all people’s praise for him and his great exploits will remain long in history, the chairman added.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/whoisthatfreakwiththecamera/6647240365/

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