KCNA Commentary Slashes Japan’s Wild Ambition for Reinvasion

Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) — The Japanese reactionaries have become all the more zealous in their moves to grab the inviolable territory of the Korean nation.

After finalizing the study guidelines for high schools in which they made it compulsory to educate in “dominium over Tok Island” in March last, the Japanese reactionaries in the defence white paper for 2018 in August described Tok Island as “part of the inviolable territory of Japan”, holding that the “issue concerning the northern territories and Tok Island still remains pending”.
This revelation of the shameless ambition for territory is a wanton violation of the dignity and the right to sovereignty of the Korean nation.
Tok Island is inviolable part of Korea’s territory in geographical, historical and legal points of view.
It has been part of Korea’s inalienable territory since it was first discovered and dominated by Koreans from thousand and hundreds of years ago, and this has repeatedly been acknowledged by the successive feudal governments of Japan.
The Imperial Ordinance No. 41, worked out and announced by the Korean feudal government in conformity with the requirements of international law in the modern times, and the “Cairo Declaration”, the “Potsdam Declaration” and Memoranda Nos. 677 and 1033 of the Supreme Command of the Allied Powers signed and announced during and after the Second World War all clearly prove the legal position of Tok Island as the territory of Korea internationally.
Japan’s territorial claim to Tok Island is just like an empty claim deserving no passing note.
There does not exist any “territorial issue” between Korea and Japan, and if any there remain an issue of Japan’s brigandish invasion of the land of Korea in the last century and its dream for seizing an opportunity for reinvasion that still lingers.
Japan is building up the public opinion over the issue of “dominium over Tok Island” and is internationalizing the issue to cause territorial disputes just the way it used to do in the past in a bid to secure conditions and environment for the reinvasion of Korea. This can be seen as part of its moves to realize its ambition. But this is just a wild dream.
Japan had better face up to the changed political and strategic landscape of the region and the world, with cool reason, before getting zealous for reinvasion and eyeing other’s land.
If Japan seeks to stain the inviolable territory of Korea, being oblivious of the lesson of history and the requirements of the times, it can never be pardoned.
It is the will of Korea to settle accounts with Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, to the last.

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